Live Blood Analysis & Blood Group Typing


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Nutritional 1-on-1 Councelling


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Neuro Transmitter Balancing

tandy writes...

I have been inspired by the work of Eric Braverman and dedicate a great deal of my time to research his approach. He is a Doctor, researcher, lecturer as well as a PATH medica in New York frequented by many top executives.

He has instituted a number of TF questionnaires, the most well known is the “Braverman Nature Assessment”.

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Weight Loss Clinic

At Health Works we offer Blood Type Testing which assists us in offering you a specific eating guide and plan designed to suit your body’s needs.

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Aura Mastery & Chakra Balancing 

“A radiant Aura is the first step towards health and wellness"  -  Johannes Fisslinger author Aura Mastery

The understanding of the AURA and CHAKRA System is the understanding of the inter-connection between our body, mind and energy. It is the key to our overall wellbeing and spiritual growth.

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