Choosing Natural

Kiss My Face is no newcomer to the green marketplace. As a company that has been around for over 30 years, we bring our experience to creating wildly effective natural products, made with the finest ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer. You can Kiss My Face will make you feel great...inside and out!


Deo Lavendar Liquid Rock      
Deo Active Enzyme             
Old Code                      
Moisturiser Chinese Lg        
Moisture Honey/CalenLge       
Old Code                      
Cell Mate 15spf               
Moisturizer Lavender/Shea     
Brightening Day Cream         
Night Repair Cream            
Under Age 1oz                 
Balancing Act Facial Tone     
Soap Foamy Grapefr&Berg       
Soap Foamy Lav& Chamonile     
Face Factor 50spf             
Old Code                      
Old Code                      
Early to Rise 473ml           
Rough Thyme Bath Gel 16oz     
Shave Small Vanilla           
Shave Small Cool Mint         
Old Code                      
Shave Small Patchouli         
Shave Large Vanilla           
Orange Shampoo/Body Wash      
Orange Shampoo/Condition      
Old Code                      
Shave Large Patchouli         
Deo Baby Liquid Rock          
Soap Bar Olive & Aloe         
Break Out Acne Gel            
Athletic Shower Gel           
Clean for a Day               
So Refined                    
Orange Whale Soap Duo         
Eye Witness                   
Lip Balm Sport                
Soap Grassy Mint 17oz         
Shave Large Frag Free         
Early To Bed Shower Gel       
Athletic Shower Gel           
Anti-Stress Bath 32oz         
Cold & Flu Bath 16oz          
Shower Gel Patchouli          
Shampoo Big Body              
Old Code                      
Lip Balm Peach                
Lip Balm TreatMint            
Breath Mint Orange            
Breath Mint Vanilla           
Breath Mint Spearmint         
Sun Sport Spray 50spf         
Conditioner Big Body          
Moisturizer Coconut
Shampoo Whenever              
Conditioner Whenever          
After Sun Aloe Soother 95     
Sunless Tanner SPF8           
Spray On Sun Swat 118ml       
Sunblock SPF30+               
Deo Liquid Rock               
Mouthwash Organic Aloe        
Toothpaste Whitening 96g      
Toothpaste Sensitive          
Sun Screen 18spf              
Old Code                      
Toothpaste TartarControl      
Soap Liquid Pome&Acai         
Refill GrapeFruit Bergamo     
Shave Sml Green/Bamboo        
Hair Gel Upper Managment      
Soap Bar Olive                
Soap Bar Olive & Green T      
Lip Balm Vanilla Honey        
Lip Balm Cranberry Orange     
Toothpaste Triple Action      
Hold Up Styling Mousse        
Shampoo Miss Treated          
Conditioner Miss Treated      
Face Factor 30spf             
Hot Spots 14g                 
C The Change 29ml             
Lip Balm Strawberry           
Lip Balm Ginger Mango         
C's the Day                   
Sun Spray 30spf Large         
Toothpaste Kids Berry         
Toothpaste Orange Flourid     
Toothpaste Whitening 2pac     
Toothpaste Triple Act2pac     
Soap Foamy Rosemary&Melon     
Moisture Coconut small
Soap Foam Lav&Cham refil      
Hand Lightener                
Hand Creme                    
Hand Alert                    
Foot Scrub                    
Foot Creme                    
Shave Lrg Green/Bamboo        
Shave Small Frag Free         
Shave Lrg Pome/Grape          
Cleansing Mask Pore Shrin     
Lip Balm Maple Sugar          
Sun Screen 40spf Natural      
Deo Sport Roll On             
Breath Mint Anti-Cav          
Toothpaste Anti Cavity        
Start Up Exfol Face wash      
Moisturizer Olive/Aloe        
Deo Liquid Rock Peac/Patc     
Moisture Honey/CalenSmall     
Moisture ChineseBot Small     
Sun Spray Oil 30spf           
Moisture Patchouli Large      
Sun Stick Kid Clear 30spf     
SPF 30 Natural Min SunBLK     
Soap Pomegranate 17oz         
Soap Lemon/Clary 17oz         
Peace Pomegranate             
Soap Peace Grassymint         
Soap Peace Lemongrass         
Sun Stick Kid Blue 30spf      
Sun Stick Kid Pink 30spf      


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